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bsk defense defence target drone nemesis uav jet usv greece

Nemesis Target System

The Nemesis target system is a subsonic jet powered aerial platform specially designed for low and medium range A/A systems. It can carry a number of internal as also external augmentation and scoring payloads in forms and combinations customized by the user operation and firing needs. Each payload system carried by the platform can perform separately or in association with others on demand by the user, on a fix set by position, height and speed.
   Nemesis utilizing BSK Defense’s Phoenix T automated piloting system which gives to the platform unique operational capabilities and featchers. Nemesis system can perform single or multi threat senarios.


Wing Span
1.6 m
Max speed
A Series
B Series

200 m/sec (720 km/h)
161 m/sec (580 km/h)
100 km
>60 min (Veco)
Parachute recovery
Sea & land


AI System

750 cm2 @ 1200oC

IR & Smoke flares
16 X 2
Chaff decoy & IR flare pods
IFF transponder
Modes A & C
Luneberg lenses
Up to 14 cm
Active radar augments
frequency specific
Radar altimiter
Sea skimming mode

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