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BSK Defense target drones UAV USV Jet

About BSK Defense

BSK Defense S.A. was formed in February of 2008 at Chania Greece. Our mission is to develop and offer a complete gamma of unmanned systems equipped with unique features and characteristics. Our products based on state of the art technologies and experience of more than 36 years in the marked. The company orientates in four basic features:

1. Quality & Reliability

2. Performance

3. Timing

4. Cost Effectiveness

Our goal is to develop unmanned systems and solutions that increase the capabilities in modern combat training and operations.


BSK Defense is based on the previous experience of the first Greek private company entered the market of unmanned products. The Velos O.E. was formed in 1982 at Chania Greece and produced a series of aerial target and aerial observation products used by major foreign companies and Armed forces.

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